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6 Tips For Working With Latino Influencers

(Posted on Nov 10, 2015 at 04:53PM by ComproCoches)

Media Post
by Holly Pavlika

Hispanic MarketingLatinos are highly social, and while there is a fairly robust community of Latino influencers that brands can work with, there is still a lot education that needs to be done between brands and clients who do not have a full understanding of the Latino market. Below are a list of six tips for engaging with Latino influencers.

1. Creating content in English misses the broader Latino audience.

Often, clients request Latino influencers create blog content in English due to so they can share materials on their owned, English-speaking channels. This helps reach the general market, but it is not the best way to reach the Latino consumer. Instead, choose a mix of Latino influencers to create content in English and in Spanish, or even Spanglish. That way, content resonates with all consumers.

2. Treat Latino influencers differently than general market influencers.

When working with Latino influencers, you must communicate beyond messaging; make small talk and make a real connection. We often find chatting with Latinas on Facebook instead of emails works profoundly better, as Facebook offers a more personal setting. 

3. Ensure messaging is relevant to the influencer.

Latino influencers need to feel that the brand understands their interests and audience, and that the campaign messaging speaks to them both culturally and authentically. This is where making a personal connection becomes critical. Having real conversations with your Latino influencers can not only build relationships, but it is also a key step to assuring influencers will be passionate about your marketing campaign in order to deliver the authentic stories you’re seeking.

4. Mentor your Latino influencers.

We have found that some Latino influencers are less seasoned then general market influencers who have been blogging longer. So, it helps to provide training and mentorship in areas such as SEO or the latest social platforms. Mentoring one-on-one often helps create more successful campaigns in the long run.

5. Be flexible with your social platform selection.

Be careful not to force fit your platform selection or ideas on a Latino influencer. They typically don’t like Pinterest because, unlike Facebook, it is not a platform conducive to having a conversation. We are seeing early signs Latino influencers are embracing Periscope so watch for that platform to grow. 

6. Remember Latino Influencers are not one size fits all.

If you are using Latino influencer and looking to tie into Latino holidays or cultural events, be sure to be thorough in your influencer selection. For example, The Day of The Dead or Día de Muertos is a Mexican celebration. To reach your desired level of engagement, you’ll want to make sure you choose Latino influencers who are of Mexican descent in order for this to be relevant.

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